First off, I want to thank you for visiting our website.

Obviously –since you’ve landed on this page– you’re thinking about starting (or continuing) your training in martial arts.

I’ve spent a lifetime training  in mixed martial arts and that I still enjoy hitting the mats for a workout every single day. It’s really that much fun! Plus the learning never ends.

There’s so many benefits to becoming involved in the sport. I’ll name a few of my favourites:

Say Goodbye to Stress – Stress will seem to melt away for that hour or so you spend striking or grappling in the gym. Your mind so intensely focused on the training you’re doing, there’ s no time to think about much else. Even better is the drive home after training when you’re body, having released endorphins, is feeling good. I love that time!

Improved Confidence – Knowing how to really defend yourself against any opponent will give you extreme confidence. It will allow you to be more patient with the rude type people that seem to becoming so much more common nowadays. Believe me it’s a great feeling to have the “ace up your sleeve” that martial arts gives you.

Improved Physical Fitness – Martial arts training can get you into great physical shape. You’ll feel better, look better and that will go a long way in helping you sustain a positive mindset towards everything else that you do.

As a member of Joslin’s Mixed Martial Arts, you can train up to 7 days a week in a variety of classes. Click on any of the links below for more info:

–> Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Submission Wrestling Classes
–> Several Types of Striking Classes
–> MMA Program 
–> Private Training 


Jeff Joslin
Owner/Head Instructor
Joslin’s Mixed Martial Arts

Joslin's Mixed Martial Arts