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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Training

Looking to learn the total package of ground fighting skills, striking skills and takedowns?

Our ultra-popular Mixed Martial Arts Program will give you everything you’re looking for.

You’ll learn how to stay safe while on your back, apply effective ground & pound techniques, work while up against a wall/cage, mix striking and take downs together and much more.

As a Mixed Martial Arts Program Members you’ll get unlimited access to all of our StrikingBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Sparring classes so that you’ll be able to develop a well rounded skill set and truly have the confidence that your able to defend yourself in a realistic self-defense situation.

Plus it’ll help you get into the top shape that mixed martial artists are known for!

The variety MMA training offers definitely keep things exciting and fresh as you’ll be learning new things each time you attend the class.

One day you may be honing your striking skills on the pads and heavy bags and the very next you might find yourself wrestling for a take down or grappling on the mats while putting to use all of the highly effective movements you’ve been learning in your classes.

For those looking to compete in MMA, we also have specific Fighter Classes that you’re instructor will invite you to once you’ve got a strong handle on the basics.

MMA Training Will Offer You Many Benefits Including:

  • Fun! – First Off MMA training is super fun!  The learning never ends but it’s a sport that with a limited amount of training you can feel very comfortable. You’ll feel a massive rush of exhilaration  as you pound away at heavy bags, work through conditioning drills, strike quickly against the hand/thai pads, grapple against your training partners and engage in the countless other drills that make up your MMA training.  It’s that great feeling that becomes so addictive and will have you thinking about your next training session anytime you’re away from the gym.
  • Rapid Body Fat Loss &  Drastically Improved Fitness – You’ll find yourself getting into fantastic shape as you blast your way through each MMA class you attend. In a short period off time you’ll burn off fat as you build plenty of lean, functional muscle.
  • The Ability to Defend Yourself Extremely Well! – MMA is the king of self defense system.  The confidence of knowing that you can fight from any range (standing, from the clinch, or on the ground) is an amazingly powerful thing to have. With no more worries about physical intimidation or confrontation, you can be extremely patient and calm in situations that would otherwise be hugely stressful.
  • Say Goodbye to Stress! – Our MMA training sessions will keep your mind busy and your body active. Feel any stress built up during your workweek melt away quickly once class begins.  After class you’ll feel refreshed and re-energized and ready for whatever’s next.

Learn from UFC Vet and Apex World Champ Jeff Joslin on a Daily Basis

Joslin’s MMA Head  Instructor Jeff Joslin teaches both Beginner and Advanced Classes so you’ll get to work with him right from the start.

Jeff and his team of instructors will teach you using the same training system that allowed Jeff to reach the pinnacle of the sport, win a world title and coach his fight team of fighters to many victories.

Coach Jeff is a very rare combination of someone that has fought in the UFC and coached fighters at that level as well.

Spencer Fisher, 16-Time UFC Fighter talks about why he brought Jeff Joslin to Iowa for 5 weeks as the MMA Coach for his UFC 120 Training Camp (A Fight He Won Via Unanimous Decision)
Check out some highlights of Team Joslin MMA fighters in action:
Joslin's Mixed Martial Arts