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“Joslin was different. In a shark tank of wrestling and striking palette swap characters, Joslin was a striker who just so happened to be gifted at gi. And no, I’m not talking in a “beasts in the gym” way; Joslin was the first Canadian to medal at the International BJJ Pan-Ams.

But before entering the UFC, he was the victim of an all-timer: robbed utterly, and mercilessly against Jon Fitch. You can find their fight here.

It was a great display of Joslin’s potential. He tore Fitch up on the feet with straight rights, left hooks, and lead uppercuts. For the most part, he defended the takedowns. In fact, the only time Fitch was successful was very late in the rounds. A headbutt opened up Joslin late in the first, knocking his two front teeth out and breaking his nose, but he remained the aggressor throughout. Even with Fitch being rewarded a personal timeout in the final round (much to the valid chagrin of announcer Stephen Quadros), Joslin had this one wrapped up. That is, until the judges’ announced their decision.”

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